Crawlspace Myths That Can Create Additional Damages to Your Home

When it comes to the crawlspace under your home, it is often out of sight, out of mind. In other words, you do not often consider the damages a crawlspace can do to your home when moisture starts to build in them. Moisture buildup can eventually lead to rotting floors and floor joists, which can mean expensive repairs.

Surprisingly, there are some common myths involving your crawlspace that are often still practiced, even by professionals, that can further enhance potential damages to your home. Knowing what those myths are and how to address them can help you improve the integrity of your home.

1. The Myth: Installing vents to circulate air through your crawlspace will help reduce problems with moisture buildup.

The Reality: Research and testing have proven that venting a crawlspace can lead to moisture buildup rather than prevent it. In fact, one report from Advanced Energy revealed that crawlspaces that were properly sealed, waterproofed, and unvented tested drier than those that were vented. Therefore, if you wish to protect your home against the threat of moisture buildup, rot, and potential mold damage, it is time to remove your crawlspace vents and have the area properly sealed. 

2. The Myth: Moisture in the crawl space is your only concern and it is easily addressed.

The Reality: Although it is true that it is easy to address moisture issues within your home's crawlspace, that is not the only issue you will find down beneath the floors of your home. Crawlspaces are also susceptible to gases released from soil, such as radon. If not properly sealed, a crawlspace may also prove welcoming to unwanted invaders. Fortunately, proper water sealing that closes off the crawlspace can also help minimizes issues created by radon fumes and invading pests. Talk to an expert to ensure that waterproofing services adequately seal your crawlspace. Then, express any concerns you may have about potential radon, pests, and moisture buildup.

3. The Myth: You don't need a professional to help you. Waterproofing your crawlspace is easy.

The Reality: Waterproofing a crawl space is an easy job—for someone who has the experience and tools, that is. Watching a video or reading an article that explains the DIY approach will not lead to instant success. In fact, it is more likely that you will make a mistake and fail to seal the space properly. Unfortunately, mistakes could end up costing you more in the long run. Although the DIY approach may seem like a good way to save money, it isn't. Even the simplest mistake could cost you hundreds of extra dollars. Instead, it is better to get in touch with a professional about expert waterproofing services that they offer.

Saving Money vs. Spending Money

Sometimes you must spend money to save money. That statement might seem confusing, but if you spend a few hundred dollars to waterproof your crawlspace, you could potentially save yourself from spending thousands in repairs. Water damage can eventually lead to damages significant enough that it can have you pulling your hair out and offering to sell your first-born child. Rather than letting it get to that point, make sure you talk to a waterproofing service such as Central Penn Waterproofing.

A crawl space contractor can come, inspect your crawlspace, and determine the best approach to reduce moisture buildup. Generally, you will be offered a quote before work begins, which allows you to get your finances in order so you can pay for the services provided. In the end, you will be able to breathe easier knowing your home is safeguarded against potential water damages.