Water Damage That Is Caused By Issues With Waterproofing Around Your Home

The water damage that you have to repair in your home is often due to issues with waterproofing. When the waterproof fails, it is going to need to be repaired before repairing the damage to your home. The following information will help you deal with the waterproofing problems that cause water damage: Foundation Damage Caused By Waterproofing Failures The foundation is one of the first areas that can be affected by waterproofing issues.

Yes, Blood Is A Biohazard

No one gets through life without drawing some of their own blood. So, dealing with a little blood from a cut now and then isn't a big deal. But that "no big deal" is really if you're dealing with your own blood. If you have to clean up others' blood or if they have to clean up yours, especially if there's a lot of blood, that blood has to be treated like a biohazard.

Crawlspace Myths That Can Create Additional Damages to Your Home

When it comes to the crawlspace under your home, it is often out of sight, out of mind. In other words, you do not often consider the damages a crawlspace can do to your home when moisture starts to build in them. Moisture buildup can eventually lead to rotting floors and floor joists, which can mean expensive repairs. Surprisingly, there are some common myths involving your crawlspace that are often still practiced, even by professionals, that can further enhance potential damages to your home.

Why Water Damage Is More Than Just Getting Wet

When your home gets exposed to water damage, you want to do what you can to make your house livable again. This can mean hiring a professional water damage restoration company to repair your home or having certain parts of your house inspected and renovated so you can make sure that all water damage is gone. Water damage can be as minor as a simple leak in your ceiling or something more complex, such as a leaking or overflowing toilet.

3 Immediate Steps To Take After Your Basement Floods

Because it is the lowest part of your home, a basement is prone to flooding. A storm sewer backup, seepage through the foundation, or even a fractured water heater tank that has failed can all flood your basement. Removing the water and restoring water damage that has affected the walls, flooring, and your belongings after a flood can be an overwhelming, yet imperative, task. With this guide, you will learn the immediate steps to take if you experience a flood in your basement.