Why Water Damage Is More Than Just Getting Wet

When your home gets exposed to water damage, you want to do what you can to make your house livable again. This can mean hiring a professional water damage restoration company to repair your home or having certain parts of your house inspected and renovated so you can make sure that all water damage is gone. Water damage can be as minor as a simple leak in your ceiling or something more complex, such as a leaking or overflowing toilet.

Water damage needs to be taken care of immediately to protect your home. Whether you are just noticing water stains or moisture in your home or you have had water issues for a while learn why water damage is about more than just getting wet. Knowing how complex water damage really is can help you prepare for getting your home in better condition again.

Water damage leads to mold and mildew

The main concern you'll have with water damage is this: exposure to mold and mildew in the home. Where moisture is left behind in carpets, walls, ceilings, and more, your chances of getting mold and mildew in the home — or making mold and mildew worse — increase. You should properly ventilate any part of your home where there has been recent or lingering moisture and call a water damage restoration company to make repairs.

Water damage leads to foundation rot

If you fail to address water damage in your home, you will eventually have your walls, foundation, and floor beams suffer from wood rot. Wood rot will make your floors and walls swell and become uneven and can lead to deterioration of your foundation. This is especially the case if the water damage is long-lasting or has to do with standing water, such as flooding inside a basement or crawl space.

Water damage leads to disease

Where there is water, there is the potential for disease. Many viruses and bacteria get spread through the air via water transference, especially water that comes from an impure source, such as the toilet or rainwater or flood. You don't want to risk your family getting sick, so call for immediate emergency repairs as soon as you notice water in your home, especially if you cannot identify the source of your water damage.

Don't clean up water damage on your own. Always hire a water damage restoration professional to assist you so you can get your home back in great condition quickly.