Flood Damage: 3 Types Of Items You Should Use Pack-Out Services For

Water is really essential to our lives, but it can quickly create problems when it comes in unwanted forms. Flooding waters can cause catastrophic damage to a home, and that's why it's important to contact water restoration services as soon as possible. Along with repairing damaged parts of your home, water restoration specialists often feature a service known as pack-out service. This service can pack up your items safely and remove them from the home while repairs are being made. This service is optional, but there are three different types of items that you should use it with. Learning about these items can help you use the pack-out services as needed and ensure your home goods are protected.


Home electronics can be extremely sensitive to water damage. Pack-out services will help you move these electronics from the home before the restoration process begins. During the pack-out process, the water restoration specialists can examine the electronics for any possible water damage or moisture. This includes plugs and cords that may been exposed to the water. Pack-out services can keep them in a cool, dry area. For example, the pack-out service costs may include a pod rental. These rentals are stored on your property and used to house items until the restoration is complete. The cool and dry area is ideal for all types of electronics like televisions and video game consoles.


Large appliances can easily be susceptible to water damage. Getting them out of your home quickly is essential for protecting them from mold and mildew growth. Emergency restoration workers can get to your home quickly. They have the supplies and gears to safely move the appliances from your home and store them in a safe location. If you have a lot of items that need to get removed, then the pack-out service may include a storage unit at a different location. This allows the appliances to stay protected and secure until your home is ready.

Floor Items

Anything that is located on the floor should be removed out of the home. Throw rugs, small tables, and children's furniture are just a few of the items that you may find located on the floor. As part of the pack-out process, the workers will examine each item and restore them before storing them. The restoration includes cleaning and removing any presence of mold on the object. After this process, the items will e safely stored and kept dry.

A water restoration company can provide you with quotes and prices on various types of service. Contact different local water restoration companies, such as Servpro Of South Elkhart Co, and get them to your home quickly.