The Process Of Fire Restoration

Your home has been ravaged by a fire and you are no doubt, devastated. After the smoke settles, you sift through the ashes, you contact your insurance company and an appraisal of the damage is done, the next step is to have a fire damage restoration team come into your house. This team of professionals will work to restore the damage that has been done to your home by the fire, smoke, ash and water.

The restoration process from a fire is lengthy and requires patience. However, if you are aware of what will occur during the process, getting through it will be a much easier task. With that said, here's a look at the steps that are taken during the process of fire restoration.

Inspection of Property

The first step in fire damage restoration is inspecting the damage that the property has sustained. This includes analyzing the damage that has been done by the fire itself, as well as the smoke, soot and the water that was used by firemen to extinguish the flames.

An inspection is a crucial for setting up an appropriate plan of action, which will direct the restoration team through the process, from start to finish.

Secure the Premises

Fire can cause significant structural damage to a home's walls, windows, roof and flooring. The fire restoration team will take the precautions necessary to secure the premises so that you—and they—can avoid injury. This can include placing plywood over windows or floors that have been damaged and placing tarps over the roof, if it has been damaged.


If the interior of your home is still wet from fire hoses, the next step in the restoration process will be to dry up any puddles and remove water from the air using dehumidifiers. This process will also clean the air inside your home.

Cleaning and Sanitizing of Surfaces

All of the surfaces of in your home will be completely cleaned and sanitized. Soot and smoke stains will be removed from walls, ledges, floors, ceilings and all other locations in your home. Even if there doesn't appear to be any soot or smoke damage present on specific surfaces, the restoration team will still proceed to clean and sanitize those surfaces.

Repairs and Restoration

Once the water has been removed and the surfaces have been cleaned and disinfected, the restoration team will then start making repairs and restorations. This can include anything from putting up new drywall to installing new flooring to completely reconstructing your home.

Thanks to fire restoration services, you can get your life back in order after a fire. With patience and time, your home will be as good as new.